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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The girl & the woman

Look at this naughty and toothless little girl!!

This 5 years old kid used to answer, "I want to be a BOY" everytime people ask her, "What do you want to be in the future". And it was simply because she envy them who pee in standing position and would rather plays wildly in the backyard instead of playing stupid doll with her spoil girl friends. Hahaha..

Her mom says, this girl has a very high self esteem. She is so naughty so that her mom oftenly cries because of her naughtiness. She never afraid of anything-- she goes to preschool playgroup and she become the student leader, she loves school while her friends cry out loud to their momma. She doesn't even shy to play with stranger kids, she goes to a park with full of native kids and she speaks and plays with them with tarzanic language confidently. She always knows what she wants, and she's always trying hard to reach her dreams. She really wants to beat her boy friends in sprint, so she exercised so hard and won the race. She doesn't care with what her friends always say about this and that-- she loves drawing a beautiful princess who plays with a tiger-- she doesn't care eventhough all of her friends in her class prefer to draw a landscape with a shinny sun in the middle of two triangle mountains and a blocking rice fields in front of it. She's also used to says, "Yes, I am READY for that." because she precisely knows that she can do and face everything.

Now, look at this- not toothless anymore but now in brace- woman.

The naughty and toothless little girl above thanked, this woman didn't sexually transform herself to a boy. This woman realize being a woman is such a miracle because she could get pregnant, give a birth, and become a mother. What an amazing essence of life!!!

Her mom says, this woman has a high self esteem but it's lately been reducing so bad. She is so confused about her life so that her mom oftenly sad because of her confuses. She'd never been afraid of anything-- but now she is afraid of everything. She goes to work and she used to love her title as a designer but now she is worried about her future. She used to be confident to speak with stranger people, but now she goes very nervous everytime she has to speak with her -cold blooded murderer face- boss. She used to know what she wants, and she used to trying hard to reach her dreams, but now she doesn't even know what her dream is. She used to be not care with what people always say about this and that, but now she couldn't help herself to reconsider every little thing in her life. She now oftenly says, "Am I REALLY READY for that?" because she doesn't precisely knows whether she is really ready for the thing.

Oh, I'm sure the naughty and toothless little girl had no idea that in the future, she would be that- not toothless anymore but now in brace- woman.
And I am definitely sure that the woman is soooo surprised to realize that now she is not that little girl anymore!!

Okay then, time to reorganize life and rearrange the future!!
AAaaaa.. can't wait too long to be "the another woman", kikikikikikikiiiiii....


Anonymous ikram said...

and what is exactly you mean by "the another woman"? :)

1:46 AM, May 31, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

waktu kecil lo pasti bwanddeell abes yak, gedenya aja masi bandel gitu lo hahaha

3:41 PM, June 04, 2007  
Blogger Iman Brotoseno said...

maksudnya mau jadi ibu ibu gitu ???

11:52 PM, June 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? You know it's been really hard to drop you comment here so I gotta put my name as anonymous.
your picture reminds me of a friend of mine when I was a kid, she was so cute and we used to play '1,2,3 Sun' with another kids on the block.
Another woman means? A mother, perhaps? Wish you the best, mother to be :)


12:55 PM, June 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a wonderfull letter so beautiful!!! terharu nih ilma..hiks...

be tough ya!!


9:29 PM, June 27, 2007  

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